Ludum Dare 43
A game made for the Ludum Dare 43 Gamejam!

The Crew:
This is the first time we band togheter to make a game, for some of us its their first game. We decided to take it easy as the gamejam started in the middle of the night and we had some other things planned during the weekend / work on monday aswell.

Ideas, Lore, Art and Programming all in one ;P
Giraffes i mean ART!
Programming so much programming... and Animating and SFX... if i die.. please remove my collider.

The Game:
A game about an/several (depending on your luck/wit) aspiring demon worshipper/s trying to appease its master not knowing what will make their bond stronger.!
Each "round" you are presented two choices, depending on the traits your demon has the choice you make might be the last one this worshipper ever makes (in which you just generate a new one becouse we got lots of them... litterary..)
Traits are depicted as icons of the seven sins under the demons name on the top of your screen.